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Finally Up & Running!

Like the title says, I’m pretty much ready to go here now. I’m sure bugs will pop up anyway, and I don’t have as many products as I wanted to launch with, but I didn’t want to wait any longer!

Please bear with me whilst I battle to keep items in stock 🙂

The main reason behind my own product range not growing as I would have liked is the increase in freelance and commission work that I have been doing.
I had not expected to be quite as in demand as I have been, and it is a wonderful feeling, but work on my own range will have to fit in between freelance work for the time being.

I am currently working on the first of three figures sharing the same theme and will show the finished sculpt very soon. I will give a hint though; the theme is technological mutation 🙂

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  1. Hey Ben, just been checking it out properly for the 1st time & it looks really good! Also the words technological mutation as you know always sparks my interest! Keep it up mate, look forward to new additions!


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