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Still alive!

It has been a while since the last post and I thought it was high time I updated to say what has been going on!

Master Crafted Miniatures consists solely of me. When I started up, I imagined I would start to build my own range of models and components for display and customisation of other models on the market. I expected to be doing a great deal of resin casting and sculpting some of the huge amount of cool stuff I have bouncing around in my head. In addition to this, I would do the odd bit of freelance sculpting and private commissions.

Only a few days after I signed the lease on my resin casting workshop premises, I was offered a great deal of freelance work by a single client. It was an opportunity I felt I would have been a fool to pass up. It is for this reason that my own range has failed to expand in any real way. I’m OK with this as it allows me to expand slowly, using this website to sell the things I will occasionally produce.

Details of the project will be made public in a few months as everything needs to be kept under wraps for now.

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