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Commissions and Freelance

So the workshop is up and running and I am caught up with orders. With the ludicrous amount of rain we’ve had in the UK recently, ┬áI’ve had some trouble with flooding but I have been able to work around it to some extent.

I need to explain another, more frustrating,┬áproblem┬áwhich I have been encountering lately in delivering┬ámy┬ácustom shoulder pads service.┬áI’m finding it increasingly difficult to┬áget prints I am happy with at a price reasonable for┬ámost hobbyists to pay.┬áCombined with rising costs of both prints and shipping those prints to me,┬áthis┬ámeans that I’m going to have to stop offering the custom service until I can find a more suitable solution. I’m sorry to those of you who will be disappointed by this.

I continue to┬ábe very busy with freelance work. You should see several of my sculpts for┬áGCT Studios’ Rise of the Kage boardgame fairly soon. My first sculpt for their Bushido skirmish game has also just gone on pre-order (see below). Great guys to work with. They have crafted a wonderful oriental-inspired fantasy world and a fantastic ruleset to go with it. One of my favourite games currently. If you haven’t played it yet, I highly recommend trying it out. The rules can be downloaded for free from their website.


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