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Not your normal Black Friday.

Once again, Master Crafted Miniatures isn’t holding a Black Friday sale. Instead, the proceeds from all sales Friday & Saturday (24th & 25th) will be donated to the Anthony Nolan and DKMS charities, fighting against blood cancer and working to improve the lives of those affected.

Give blood. Whilst you’re there, get them to test you for platelet donation, as few of us have high enough platelet counts to do this. Register as a stem cell donor. You may never be called upon but, if you are, you will be saving a life.

So, if you buy through the MCM store on Friday 24th or Saturday 25th of November, you’ll get yourself some stuff for our funny little hobby, and help save lives at the same time. If I have nothing you want, try to donate. But, whatever else you do, register:

Next up is an announcement about price increases. On Black Friday? I know. Madness.

Whilst I struggle to keep up on my own, Master Crafted Miniatures is doing well. I don’t want to stand still, however. I want to grow the business, expanding what I can offer.
Whilst it isn’t required, some of the things I would like to do are benefited by becoming VAT registered. Unfortunately, registering means I also have to charge VAT. Rather than simply add VAT on to current prices, I will be taking a small hit on profits across the range; sharing the burden with my customers.

MCM has never increased prices during its 4-year life, despite increases in running costs. The current prices are very competitive, so I think a small increase is understandable. On average, those of you outside the UK will still be paying less than you were before the EU referendum!

Not everything is increasing by the same percentage, with some prices not increasing at all, so I have put together this comprehensive list of the new prices:

I’m not doing this immediately. Prices will remain the same until Monday 27th. Feel free to back-order during this period and I’ll get your order out ASAP.
I’ll then have to make the site unavailable for a short time whilst I implement the changes.

Thanks to all my customers for their support over the years. I’ve got some exciting plans lined up & I’m looking forward to the future!


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