About Master Crafted Miniatures

Hi! I am Ben, a freelance miniature sculptor and a veteran hobbyist.
Master Crafted Miniatures serves as an outlet for whatever sculpting I have time to do outside of professional contracts as well as a place to contact me for private commissions.
The vast majority of work here is my own, though I do stock the work of other sculptors.

I am trained as an artist for computer games but my love for the world of tabletop wargames and fine miniatures has led me to start my own business. Thankfully, the technology behind 3D-printing now allows me to bring my digital designs into the real world with precision. My aim is to produce high quality miniatures through a combination of computer-aided design and more traditional techniques.

I have worked with GCT Studios, Mantic Games, Steamforged Games, Mad Robot Miniatures, Meridian MiniaturesElemental Miniatures, Anvil Industry, Palladium BooksKabuki Models and more.

If you think I can help you with your project, get in touch.

I first got into wargaming at the age of 9, with the Space Marine boxed game. These days I play a lot of different game systems, arguably too many, but my main game is Bushido. I’m also one half of the irregularly-published Robot Dice Explosion podcast.