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Shipping Changes and EU VAT

Ah, such exciting topics for a blog post!

Those of you who reside in the EU will be happy to hear that MCM is now registered to collect your VAT through the IOSS scheme. Registering a (very) small business is comparatively costly, and requires a monthly fee, but I’m hoping it will prove worthwhile so that those customers don’t get stung at customs. You will know at checkout exactly how much you will end up paying.

No doubt you know your local rates, but for clarity they can be found here.

If you are in the EU MCM will collect VAT on behalf of your country at point of sale for all sales up to £135, including shipping. Orders of greater value than £135 will not have VAT collected until the parcel enters your country, and you may find it is subject to additional duty & processing charges at that point. Worth bearing that in mind when considering a large order! If you do find you order exceeding that value, please contact me as I may be able to offer a discount in addition to the automatic free standard shipping.


As for shipping costs, these have been re-evaluated for all shipping zones based on the price changes which have been in place with my provider for around two months now.

GB & European customers will note many price increases . This is due to MCM needing to charge VAT on shipping costs. I’ve not been doing this for several years and have been absorbing those costs myself. I’m sorry that I have to pass these costs on now, but I have kept these increases to a minimum.

Royal Mail have now divided Europe into 3 zones. For the most part costs are very similar between each zone, and I did consider keeping them as a single zone – but I want to be ready to react to any future changes they make.

EU customers please note that, due to the way product prices are entered into the store and VAT is calculated, what you actually pay for shipping may vary slightly from what is listed on the shipping information page. Don’t worry though, you’ll be given the accurate amount at checkout.

So, many prices have gone up due to VAT being added, but I have been able to bring some down and minimise others.

I am working on updating the shipping system to take weight into consideration because customs forms already require me to have a weight value for every item in the store. I am slowly working through adding those weights to every product – a time-consuming task! Once that is done, I should be able to work on the shipping calculations. All of this is to say that the new MCM shipping prices are temporary. I don’t know when I’ll be done – lots of day job work to do right now – so don’t wait on ordering hoping they’ll come down. I can’t guarantee they will come down on average anyway, but they should more accurately reflect every customer’s order.

I promise my next post will be about more exciting things!


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UK Games Expo

MCM Graham and I are off to the UKGE this weekend! No stand, though – we’re competing in the Bushido Grand Masters tournament along with a bunch of people from our area, many of whom have appeared on the Robot Dice Explosion podcast (now on I’ll probably be wearing either a Master Crafted Miniatures t-shirt or hoodie, or a Robot Dice Explosion t-shirt. I highly recommend a mid-tournament change of outfit! Come and say hi if you see me.

I’ll have a few soon-to-be released products with me and, if you have an order, I’ve added an event collection option to the checkout. If your order isn’t ready in time, shipping is free to UK & EU. EDIT: the workshop is closed on the 2nd, so all orders for collection at UKGE have now been packed.

Also, added some pads!

Cheers, Ben.

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On Holiday!

I’m visiting Edinburgh for the week, so orders may be delayed until I return. Graham will be dispatching what he can on Thursday but this will likely exclude 3D printed on-demand items. I’ll still be checking support tickets, so use that system if you have any queries.


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Boys from the Dwarf

They’re here! I was planning on making this a big release, with marketing hype and such, but we’ve had enquiries from people who missed out at Dimension Jump 2021, and I’m short on time, so with all the fanfare of a squeaky fart in an empty theatre… here they are.

Sculpted by Andrew of Recluse Studio. Here’s a little info he wrote about the project:

The choices were primarily made up of moments that fans would hopefully get. As diehard fans ourselves, it was very important to make a connection to other fans by choosing non vanilla, non generic poses. Real moments from the show that hopefully say we laughed at the same bits, too. In it’s various forms, Red Dwarf has helped us through difficult times… even if it’s just because we’re not 3 million years from home with only Rimmer for company. 

The Rimmer Shapiro felt like taking the recognisable salute pose but tying it to “Future Echoes”. I just wanted to capture the super smug moment before he looks in the mirror.

With Kryten, his role is usually in service or with a prop. I originally sculpted the psi scanner and his triangular bag from Quarantine but it still felt too generic. I remembered hearing that the audience laughter went on for so long during …that scene in “Polymorph” that they had to cut part of it out. Kryten’s ‘Oh, no!’ face and the changeling underpants seemed like the perfect pose.

When it came to Lister I had originally wanted to make a sculpt on his gibbon style trike but it just became a nightmare to work out manufacturing. We settled on Jim and Bexley because they actually feature in the “Better than Life” book and it was sort of getting three characters for one. Mostly though, it was like showing Lister’s character with some depth rather than just having a lager or a curry.

Sticking with the books, I loved that Cat had spent 28 hours preparing a cufflinked spacesuit for the totally-alive-and-not-dead crew of the Nova 5. Truthfully, I really, REALLY wanted to make the original cone helmet from the book but thought that might be a little too niche. From the episode “Kryten”.

As the rest of the crew had been chosen from the earlier series’, it only felt right to go with the Norman Lovett’s Holly. Also, we didn’t want to have to manufacture a whole wall on the mini base so his being smeared with jam and half buried in a Rhyll sandpit fit perfectly. From the “Better than Life” episode.

We hope that they’ll be popular enough to do more in the future with different versions of the cast and other characters but, if not, we got to do at least a set and share it with other fans. That’s what the whole thing has been about so we’re over the moon to be finally here and shipping them out!