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With its campaign mode, Eden Burn Out will allow you to link your parties to one another. Your fighters will get tougher as the fighting progresses. Winning experience, some may become true war machines… for the lucky ones, because the injuries sustained by the fighters can put them out of play for a while, or even lead to their death.

Game Designer Hugo Nivesse “Minus”, and Pierre-Guy Auger “Gregauryc”
Eden Burn Out comes with:

  • 4 game tiles
  • 3 3D building sceneries
  • 8 2D sceneries
  • 60 Experience cards
  • 32 Artifact cards
  • 16 Kaps cards
  • 16 Crate cards
  • 9 Secondary objective cards
  • 9 NPF cards
  • 61 Objective tokens
  • 24 Flag tokens
  • 21 Artifact tokens
  • 10 Dead body tokens (5x30mm, 5x40mm)
  • 9 NPF tokens
  • 10 Headquarter sheets
  • 1 Rulebook


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