The Bayakoyé


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One of the wasteland worse nightmare… This huge, bone-plated mutant roams the world of Eden killing any creature passing by. The Bamakas call him “The Bayakoyé”, which means the Demon of Destruction.

Horde profile created by Olivier “Vigoli” Vigouroux, winner of the Summer 2016 profile creation contest!

This is what he tells about this profile:
“For me the Bayakoyé is a dreadful beast. Everybody fears it and neither the allied nor the enemies want to get too close from it. So on its way, it kills everything, and some kind of scavenger pack follows it to eat what remains… So it is, without really willing it, the Bayakoyé is the origin of small pack of fierce beasts.

Metal miniature supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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