Klaus & his Elves


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Pre-order for the new limited-edition Eden Legends box – Klaus & his Elves!

Ho Ho Ho ! Winter is coming and Klaus is back : more BADASS than ever! After a hardcore training, he  recruited a team of mutant Leprechauns to share the Xmas spirit with clubs and axes…

This box, the second one to be branded EDEN LEGENDS, is a limited edition of 300.
It will include the new Klaus miniature, 4 Minions miniatures, and one 40mm token, all in resin.

This box will include a brand new game game booklet and a special “present” card deck, allowing to play an exclusive  Eden Legends scenario!
While a player will embody Klaus and his bunch, try with several other players to rob his presents! But beware… his Leprechauns are quite… angry!

EDEN LEGENDS : Klaus & Minions will allow you to play at up to 2 to 5 players. There will be fun, challenge, and plenty of dirty tricks!

Please notice that, even if these miniatures constitute a 100pts Troop, their profiles have  not been thought to be played in EDEN “standard” games, but it is up to you.

Pre-order to be placed before the end of Sunday 4th December.

Resin miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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