Matriarchy Green Order Starter Box


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Pre-order for the new limited-edition Eden sub-faction starter box – The Matriarchy’s Green Order!

The Green Order is Matriarchy’s bursar. It sees to logistical support for the three other orders, and carefully guards the technological relics captured by the Sisters of Sybille.

  • Sister Esther is an Hospitaler : the elite fighters of the Green Order. She bears the Order’s standard, and lead her sisters to battle with an iron will.
  • Sister Miriam is a ruthless warrior. She doesn’t hesitate to crack her whips… on her slaves or her enemies!
  • The Machine-Man is a cyborg slave. His wrath fuel his mechanical prosthesises.
  • The fearsome Sister Talhia carries a technological relic allowing her to drain the energy around her.
  • This box will also include a brand new special card, with new rules for each of the 4 Matriarchy’s order!


Pre-order to be placed before the end of Sunday 4th December.

Resin miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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