6x Bushido Laser-Cut Scenario Objectives


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A set of six 30mm or 50mm scenario objectives designed to get players up and running cheaply and easily.

MDF is the cheapest option. At 2mm thick, it is also less bulky and lightweight than other options.
Acrylic will be detailed only on one side.

Many of these items will need to be cut to order. Please allow a couple of extra days for this when ordering.
Colours may vary slightly from those shown due to availability and supplier.

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MDF, Blue Acrylic, Red Acrylic, Orange Acrylic, Purple Acrylic, Yellow Acrylic, Green Acrylic, Pink Acrylic, Black Acrylic, White Acrylic, Grey Acrylic, Transparent Red Acrylic, Transparent Green Acrylic, Transparent Blue Acrylic, Transparent Amber Acrylic, Transparent Black Acrylic, Fluorescent Red Acrylic, Fluorescent Green Acrylic, Fluorescent Blue Acrylic, Fluorescent Orange Acrylic, Fluorescent Yellow Acrylic


Small 30mm, Large 50mm


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