Bushido Tournament Support Pack



Packs of laser-cut accessories, designed to help tournament organisers to get up and running cheaply and easily.
Based on the tournament sizes in the official tournament rules (8, 16, 32, 64), each table will be able to have:

  • 3x 4″ zones
  • 6x 30mm scenario objectives
  • 6x 50mm scenario objectives
  • 1x scenario objective layout ruler

This will allow all scenarios in the tournament rules to be run, with the exception of Ichi no Riten and Osatsu.

MDF is the cheapest option. At 2mm thick, it is also less bulky and lightweight than other options.
Acrylic packs will have a mix of colours based on current stock and will be detailed only on one side. Groups of each of the items above will be the same colour in the quantities listed. i.e. all 3 zones will be the same yellow, but there may not be any other yellow items in the pack.

If you want to customise with your event logo or material, please use the contact form.

These will generally need to be cut to order. Please allow a couple of extra weeks for this when ordering.
Colours may vary slightly from those shown due to availability and supplier.

Additional information

Event size

8 players, 16 players, 32 players, 64 players


MDF, acrylic mix


Yes, No

Small Objectives

Yes, No

Large Objectives

Yes, No

Layout Rulers

Yes, No


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