Bushido Ki Tokens Set



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This set consists of 35 double-sided, 13mm diameter, Ki Tokens.

The MDF sets are line-engraved very simply, and are easy to read. They could be painted for additional clarity, of course.

The Bamboo sets are engraved with deeper and wider details and shouldn’t require any painting, thanks to the charring of the wood.

The Acrylic sets are engraved in the same way as the Bamboo sets but, without the charring, this doesn’t create the same clarity. I recommend painting these with a contrasting colour. The masking is left on to aid this. Any hobby paint will do. I experimented with spray-painting, and that seemed to work, though you’ll want to do a couple of coats and may need to tidy a little with isopropyl alcohol or a similar solvent.

Many of these sets will be in stock, but many others may need to be cut to order. Please allow a couple of extra days for this when ordering.
Acrylic sets are etched, but unpainted. Customers are recommended to paint the symbols with a contrasting colour. Masking is left on to make this easier.
Colours which may vary slightly from those shown due to availability and supplier.
If you would like a colour we don’t already offer, please contact us. Likewise, individual counters can be requested.


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Blue Acrylic, Red Acrylic, Orange Acrylic, Purple Acrylic, Yellow Acrylic, Green Acrylic, Pink Acrylic, Black Acrylic, White Acrylic, Grey Acrylic, Bamboo, MDF


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