Bushido ZoC Rings 50mm x3



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A pack of 3 clip-on rings to fit 50mm plastic injection-moulded or resin bases*.
For marking Zones of Control in games of Bushido, and other skirmish games which require the marking of arcs.
Printed in black and a highlight colour.

Colours which may vary slightly from those shown due to availability and supplier.
If you would like a colour we don’t already offer, please contact us.
If you find the fit is too tight, cut through the back of the ring. This should allow more play without sacrificing too much grip.
*Please note resin bases aren’t always as circular, or the same diameter, as injection-moulded bases, so fit may vary.

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Marble, White, Dark Green, Red, Silver Elixir, Gold Elixir, Orange, Lime Green, Light Purple, Yellow, Pink, Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Light Blue


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