Zen Garden




A zen rock garden set from old Japan. The main zen garden is one piece (approximately 120mm x 100mm), but 2, 3 or even 4 can be combined to make a larger rock garden.

Included in the set are two stone lanterns, and two additional rocks – which can be arranged to suit your tastes or to expand the garden area.

Each garden is available in its standard orientation, or a flipped version for added variety. Both are compatible with one another. Please note, if you want two non-identical gardens, you must order a standard orientation and a flipped orientation.

Straight and corner stone walls, as seen in the photos, are available separately.

3D-printed in PLA plastic, usually grey. Colour may vary. Other materials & colours available on request.
Please note that the 0.2mm layers inherent to the production process will be visible. A textured spraypaint or some fine filler is usually sufficient to disguise these for tabletop use.
Featured image is a render, not a photograph, so these layers are not visible.
Samurai models not included.

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Standard, Flipped


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