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New Things!

First up, I’ve just completed a small restock on Maow Miniatures, and added the following new additions:

Next is something a little new for me. For the first time, I’m selling files for 3D printing. I’ve taken the Star God sculpt and made a bust version. I had to make a few small changes so that he will print without supports on an FDM printer. There are a couple of version of both his… face? and the plinth on which he sits.

I may offer this guy in resin in the future, if there is demand.

Below are some of my test prints of him, at 75% scale. Filaments used are Polyalchemy Elixir Silver, Fillamentum Vertigo Starlight, and Fillamentum Vertigo Galaxy. Printed on my Original Prusa i3 MK3 using the Pretty PLA profile (found here). 0.2mm layers, 3 perimeters, 10% gyroid infill.

Last of all, I made a remix of the 3D Alien Worlds rice bundles to make a terrain piece on a 50mm base, for use in Bushido, with the Rice Bail Barricade special card, upcoming in Risen Sun. This is 3D printed on-demand in light grey PLA.

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It’s been a long while since I introduced any new products and, this time, there are no new resin pads or other parts.

Instead, I’ve put a lot of time into designing these plastic movement trays for use with 25, 32, and 40mm bases. They take up minimal space on the board, becoming almost invisible compared to the ugly, chunky, laser-cut MDF trays I see at events and online. Bases are held in place internally by 3 tabs, and are able to be further secured by magnets, thanks to the ferrous rubber discs included. Resin bases can be used by clipping the tabs off and relying on a stronger magnet to hold them in place. A clear acrylic rod can be attached to make moving the trays easier.

They take paint well, but are provided in black or grey, so already blend in well for most people. I’d recommend 2mm thick magnets. 2mm diameter should be fine for most plastic miniatures, and 3mm diameter for resin bases, and heavier models. The acrylic rod can be push-fitted in a majority of cases, but I would recommend gluing it in place with super glue. Unfortunately, polystyrene cement won’t work with the trays.

The standard trays are available in 5x25mm, 5x32mm, 5x40mm sizes. For units with leaders on larger bases, there are also 4x25mm+32mm, and 4x32mm+40mm.

Additionally, I’ve released a set of two widgets designed to make the implementation of placement mechanics, such as Bushido’s Bodyguard, much easier. Each widget has cut-outs for bases sized 30mm, 40mm and 50mm. The straight edges of the widget can also be used to measure 1″ and 2″. Check out the photos on the product page to see how they are used.

Lastly, I’ve been stocking metal balls for mixing paint for a while now, but hadn’t announced them. Simply drop one into a paint pot or bottle to assist mixing.

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Scenery Drop!

Salute, over a month ago now, was a big success. Thanks to everyone who came by; it was great to meet customers old and new.

Those of you who visited the MCM stand will have seen these new releases already, and maybe even picked them up before the few I had brought were snatched up. I’ve finally managed to get them on to the store, though some are still in fairly limited quantities. I’m aiming to get some more moulds made this week, which will help me get stock levels up quicker.

The modular walls are currently available as set only. In the future, I aim to add them to the store separately, as well as introduce some new variations.

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Japanese Stone Lanterns

As promised, here’s that new release – Japanese stone lanterns. I wanted to build up a little more stock before release, but I’ve been sick most of the week. You’ll still be able to backorder, just bear with me whilst I catch up.

These should make great objective markers or scenery for games of BushidoMalifauxKensei and Ronin. Check out each product for their size measurements.

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Commissions and Freelance

So the workshop is up and running and I am caught up with orders. With the ludicrous amount of rain we’ve had in the UK recently,  I’ve had some trouble with flooding but I have been able to work around it to some extent.

I need to explain another, more frustrating, problem which I have been encountering lately in delivering my custom shoulder pads service. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to get prints I am happy with at a price reasonable for most hobbyists to pay. Combined with rising costs of both prints and shipping those prints to me, this means that I’m going to have to stop offering the custom service until I can find a more suitable solution. I’m sorry to those of you who will be disappointed by this.

I continue to be very busy with freelance work. You should see several of my sculpts for GCT Studios’ Rise of the Kage boardgame fairly soon. My first sculpt for their Bushido skirmish game has also just gone on pre-order (see below). Great guys to work with. They have crafted a wonderful oriental-inspired fantasy world and a fantastic ruleset to go with it. One of my favourite games currently. If you haven’t played it yet, I highly recommend trying it out. The rules can be downloaded for free from their website.