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Yo, I Heard You Like Spikes

I’ve had my first vaccine shot, I’m back in the office & workshop, and I’m nearly caught up on back orders! On top of that, here’s a new release! Holy spiky spikes, Batman! It is about time.

The theme, as you may have deduced, is spikes. Bigger spikes, rounder spikes, ornate spikes, veteran spikes. Spikes.
I’ve stopped short of putting spikes on your spikes, but I’m open to such a commission should anyone feel they aren’t getting sufficient spiky action. I’m not here to kink-shame you.
There will also be arc versions of the conical spikes to follow, so keep an eye out for those.

Of course, these have all been made available in squad pack form.

Less spiky, but still pointy, we have two lengths of ninjato with matching saya. Whilst this sword is almost certainly a fabrication of the 1970s, it still looks pretty cool in the hands of your super soldier of choice.

Closing out this wave of releases, we have the return of the ghillie hellmask heads, and our second set of waterslide decals. If you’d like to see any existing pauldron design on a sheet, contact us and we’ll arrange it. Customs will be coming, but my workload is a little too high right now to offer that service as standard.

Thanks for checking these out. Stay safe and enjoy life getting back to normal!


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January 2016 Releases & Special Offer!

Releases for January include a re-release of the cogs, cogs veteran and kraken veteran pads. The hellmask heads are also back, having been rescaled slightly larger and printed at a much higher quality.

As well as the sprucing up old designs, I’m happy to be adding the brand new damaged cogs veteran and damaged veteran pads, as well as a nifty crossed scimitar design. In addition to this, I am introducing ‘small’ pads, designed to fit human-sized figures at 28-32mm, starting with the existing spiked veteran design.

That’s not all! As the 12th of January brings with it the end of my 33rd trip around our sun, I am offering 33% off for the first 33 customers of the day. Enter the coupon code, 33revs, at the checkout before midnight London time to claim your discount. Please bear with me for delivery times, as I may be a little stretched with the additional orders and taking a day off!

I’ve got some cool stuff lined up for February and March. Stay tuned 🙂