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Torsos, Chequers and… Jazz Hands?

Hand is mostly healed and I’m back playing rugby, though I still suck! But this means I’m also back casting in reasonable quantities 🙂

This month I’ve got a motley crew of releases:

  • A re-print of the Lion Rampant pads. Much crisper now.
  • A variation on the chequered pads – discs with a rim on which you can paint a symbol or use a transfer.
  • A re-release of the Alpha-pattern torsos.
  • My first weapon set – scimitars.
  • A set of hand gestures for power-armoured warriors, in left and right sets.

The hand sets would have been released last month, but have been very popular on an exclusive pre-order. With my hand injury, I had trouble keeping up with casting for pre-orders and had to delay the release. I finally have some in stock, so I’ve decided to push the release now. They’ve been so popular pre-release that I’ll be making a second set with more… amusing gestures.

Looking forward to Salute this Saturday, and spending a couple of hours in the afternoon running demo games on the Bushido stand.