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Star God v3 up for Pre-Order

I’m quite fond of the old Star God figure. It was the first full figure I produced through 3D-printing and resin-casting. It’s gone through a couple of versions already and, as the moulds for v2 were at the end of their life, I decided to take the opportunity to replace the physically-sculpted base with a digital one and a re-print of the components to make them easier to mould & cast. I also very slightly reposed the arms. The master mould has gone well, though highlighted a couple of potential problems, so I’ll be making the production moulds ASAP. I’m opening up pre-orders which I will fulfil starting next week, the 2nd of October.

Along with these pre-orders, I’m releasing a few existing pad designs I’ve brought over to tru/art-scale size. Cogs Veteran join the line-up, and all but the Spiked Veteran design get a Damaged variant. Hopefully, these will be of use!

I teased before the weekend that these would all release at the weekend and this post is going up on Monday. I did make them all available at about 22:00 last night, so technically I didn’t lie!