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Sale is Live! (until 18th July)

The Facebook Page hit 500 Likes well ahead of when I expected. As a thank you to all my customers, existing and new, I’m¬†doubling the MCM discount to 20% off. Use the coupon code 500likes20 at checkout. Ingore the low stock warnings – I haven’t had time to update them. If you can back-order the products, I will cast them to order.

Products from MAOW Miniatures and Golem Miniatures are at a 10% discount, no code required.

Quite a few new products to release, making up for a bit of a slow few months.¬†Scaly pads are now available in regular, veteran and large arc varieties. New dragon/wyvern pads in regular and veteran varieties. Then a bunch of torsos. Some nipple armour for the Batman & robin fans out there, some segmented techie armour and a set of 5¬†with unique fancy filigree detailing. We round out the sci-fi¬†offerings with some comedy gestures to complement the first set of more… conventional gestures.

For the Sengoku Jidai period Japanese range, we’ve got some large koi carp for adding to ponds and streams, and two sets of swords, should you happen to need to replace any or convert existing models. Also, some¬†large lanterns in Japanese and Chinese styles. These have a nice cavity inside and will hopefully be offered in clear resin in the future, allowing for the addition of flickering LED’s. I’m looking into producing a little kit for that.

Last, but very much not least, I am proud to introduce the first miniature from Fanplastic Little Men РTrajan Hesk. The result of a collaboration with a customer, we will be slowly adding to this range with more high-quality resin miniatures. Check out his blog for a little inside info on the creative process.

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Sale starts 15th of July

When the store fully re-opens on July 15th, it’ll be with several new releases. To celebrate the new workshop and the cool new stuff, there will be a sale over that weekend:
10% off MCM Infantry Components, Scenery, Magnets and Figures.
5% off Asso Maow Miniatures & Golem Miniatures

BUT! If you can get the Master Crafted Miniatures Facebook page to 500 likes before then, the discount will double:
20% off MCM Infantry Components, Scenery, Magnets and Figures.
10% off MAOW & Golem Miniatures

Stay tuned for sneak peeks over on the Facebook page over the course of this week.