Custom Shoulderpads: Setup Fee




Please only purchase this product after first contacting me to discuss your design.

This setup fee covers the initial 3D sculpting, 3D printing and silicone moulding of one set of pads.

Sculpting involves creating your logo or symbol in 3D and placing it on one of my existing pad designs (plain, veteran, cogs, cogs veteran, large gothic, large cogs) matching the curvature of the pad. Additional customisation, such as a new rim design or sculpted damage, may incur additional cost.

Lead times are 6-8 weeks. Design should only take a week, including client tweaks. I send print orders off in batches to lower shipping costs. Printing & shipping to me can take up to 2 weeks and I then need time to clean & mould the prints before casting. I will keep you up to date throughout the process.

Pad sets are printed in plastic as a strip of 5 pads of a single style. It is possible to print a set with mixed styles, though this may incur additional cost. We will discuss this prior to payment.

The pad sets are moulded in silicone rubber and then cast in polyurethane resin plastic.


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