MDF Magnetic Movement Tray 5x25mm


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An MDF version of the plastic magnetic movement trays, designed to be as near to invisible on the battlefield as possible.

Use for five miniatures on 25mm bases.

Consisting of:

  • a 2mm laser-cut tray
  • a sprue of 3mm internal tabs to hold miniatures in place
  • 5 adhesive ferrous discs to attract magnetised bases
  • a 60-80mm acrylic rod

Each tray features three 3mm holes in which the acrylic rod can be mounted, to facilitate easy movement of the tray, or 3mm neodymium magnets, to hold the tray to a popular method of transporting miniatures: a sheet of ferrous rubber stuck to the inside of a plastic box.

This version requires more assembly, which can be fiddly, but is just as effective. When assembling, the side of the tray with the engraved “” should be face-down on the table. This allows the tabs to snap in better – they shouldn’t require glue. If they don’t go all the way in easily, edge them in, then flip the tray over and press down evenly on a hard surface. The tabs can be placed to avoid the tabs some bases may have in the bottom.

For use with resin bases, simply don’t assemble the internal tabs, drill a hole in the underside of the base, and insert a strong magnet.

Supplied unassambled.


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