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An Update

With the end of the second UK lockdown, I now have access to my normal premises. This is good news, as I can cast the items which ran out during the last month and I have access to my laser cutter again. Unfortunately, the landlord has indicated that the premises will close from 18/12/2020 to 04/01/2021 and has provided no details as to any plans should my area enter Tier 3 restrictions following the Christmas relaxations. As such, I can’t commit to moving my printers and stock back there until next year.

This means I am working out of three locations:

  • Home office: sculpting & FDM print-on-demand scenery etc.
  • Main premises: mouldmaking, casting, and laser-cutting.
  • Interim premises: Order packing, & resin printing.

As you may imagine, this is far from efficient. So, whilst we’re out of lockdown, I have to ask for your continued patience, especially as we are well into the festive shipping period.

All affected customers have been very understanding, and I really appreciate that.

The elephant in the industry is, of course, the unknown Brexit situation. There’s only so much a business can do to prepare when details are unknown, but I will be doing all I can to minimise disruption and increased cost to MCM customers.

Thanks to you all, enjoy your Christmas, and stay safe.