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April Releases

A few new products this month. First-up are some larger pads which may prove useful for those of you interested in true or art-scale conversions. If they are popular, I may introduce more variations. Requests are welcomed but I can’t necessarily fulfil your wishes! When I open commissions again, this style will be one of the template variants available.

Second product has no good name as yet. It is an infantry accessory set of 5x heraldic shields and 10x elbow couter decorations. Suggest a decent name which I use and I’ll send you two sets for free!

Lastly, I have started stocking neodymium magnets in two diameters (2mm & 3mm) and two thicknesses (1mm & 2mm). Hopefully, these will sell well and I can increase the range. Discounts are included when you buy greater amounts – just select the pack size on the product page.

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