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Master Crafted Miniatures is moving!


This time should be fairly permanent as, thanks to my fantastic clients (GCT Studios, Mantic Games, Palladium Books and Mad Robot Miniatures, amongst others), and my awesome MCM customers, I have been able to buy a house with my fiancée.

This time, the move is from Cosham, near Portsmouth, to Fareham, a little along the coast. With the new house comes a new office and a new workshop. The former is fairly easy to set up (though I have all sorts of ideas about an adjustable-height or fixed standing desk), the workshop will take a little more effort. Combined with the UK’s unbelievably slow-to-connect internet providers, this means there will be some disruption to my ability to receive and fulfil orders, as well as cast backorders. Feel free to order as normal, but expect delays. Rather than shut the store down over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to introduce a site-wide notice to this effect.

Once the new workshop is up and running, around the 12th of July, I’ll be aiming to come back with a bit of a bang. I’ve got some great¬†new releases lined up and will make a sale coupon available for the first week.

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