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Taking a Breath

It looks like I’ve finally caught up with orders, with no small amount of help from a friend. I’ve worked hard this week to also catch up with many of the tasks on my list for GCT Studios’ Bushido. As such, I feel this is a good time to take a break.

I’ve only taken a couple of weeks off in the 7 years over which I have been running MCM. Mostly, these have been when my wife has wanted to go on holiday or, unbelievably, our honeymoon. I have worked solidly, though often inefficiently, during the UK COVID-19 lockdown. I feel I’ve only managed in the last few weeks to adopt an effective working practice. You may recall that my father passed away in the first week of lockdown.

I’ve come close to being overwhelmed several times in the last few years, but right now I’m feeling very… compressed. It’s strange, because I’m also really optimistic about the future of the business and feeling like I have figured out a lot regarding my working practice. I need to stretch out, to take the pressure off for a short while, so I’m taking a week for myself. No holiday – I’m not going anywhere – just taking some time to play some video games, painting some miniatures, and tinker with some other personal projects.

During this time, the store will remain open, but orders will not be fulfilled until I return (likely on the 21st of July).

As a side note, myself and a friend run a podcast called Robot Dice Explosion where we discuss games in general, though there is a heavy focus on Bushido. I’m looking to do more with this project, including streaming some video games and tabletop games over on YouTube. There’s likely to be more of that over this week off.

Thanks for your support, Ben.

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Festive Season

The Christmas break is upon us! I’m still sculpting away, but won’t be working the store much for the next 10 days. I’m leaving the store open to orders, but please understand that your order will be delayed in dispatching. Any back-orders will further delay the order, as I will have to find time between family visits to do casting. The store will go down for a day sometime over the festive period, so I can do a full stock-take and restock of many items.

In the meantime, enjoy the holiday!

Thanks for a great year, Ben.

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New look!

Well, it should be working now. I’ve been beating my face against code and plugins for too much precious time these last couple of days, but it should be working.

I’ve not made major changes behind the scenes, but please let me know if you have any trouble with the site.

Also, we’ll be at Salute 2018 šŸ™‚

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Store is Live! (again)

The store is once againĀ accepting orders. Slight hiccup getting open again this week – with the compressor needing replacementĀ parts, I haven’t cast as much stock as I had intended. Stock levels, however, are correct and backorders are possible as usual.

Exciting forĀ Master Crafted Miniatures: we will have a stand at Salute 2017! Whilst the MCM store is secondary to industry freelance work, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. The plan isĀ to get some new releases ready for the show, and to runĀ some discount offers on the day. More details, of course, closer to the event.

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Store Closed Until Late October

The store is now closed whilst we do final preparation for the wedding and then we’re away for a few weeks in Japan. When we return, I’ll beĀ doing a full stock count, casting up some stock, finishing the new workshop fittings, and then I’ll re-open the store. I canā€™t give an exact date for this right now, but will update once we return. Expect it to be towards the end of October.