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Temporary Store Closure

It’s 9 days until the wedding, which means 3 days until I close the store on Sunday night. A week of last minute preparations ahead, followed by 3 weeks travelling across Japan.

Once we’re back from honeymoon, I’ll do a full stock count, cast up some stock, finish the workshop fittings, and re-open. I can’t give an exact date for this right now, but will update once we return. Expect it to be towards the end of October.

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The Apocalypse is here!

…or at least visiting from France. I’ve just started stocking Happy Games Factory’s unique and characterful apocalyptic Eden skirmish rules and miniatures!

When I started Master Crafted Miniatures, I didn’t intend to become a stockist of any miniatures other than my own. There are a few reasons for this – the tedium of stock control and error-correction being the greatest. Nonetheless, that has changed over time.

I am fascinated by the varied rules mechanics in all different games. Nowhere are these rules more unusual and fascinating than in the indie sector of this ever-growing industry. Eden itself is a wonderful example of this – a great game with some really unique mechanics. You need very few miniatures to play – the starter sets are, in fact, entirely playable forces in their own right – and only a 2’x2′ space (much like my favourite game of recent years, Bushido). I have played Eden, with my ISC, occasionally over the last 4 years, and recently noticed that there are no current UK stockists of the game. I like to support manufacturers and games which don’t often see the spotlight in the UK. MCM gives me a way to do this beyond simply buying their products. So, over the years, I have become a stockist of three French companies’ products – first Maow, then Golem, and now HGF.

I can’t commit to stocking all items in their catalogue (around 350 lines!), but I am willing to take requests! Those requests will be added to the next order I place with them, once the value of that order reaches the required amount. Items I do stock may be back-ordered and will be treated in a similar fashion. Just contact me if you need to know more before placing an order.

In other news, I am way behind updating the stock figures for MCM components. Please keep ordering as many items are in stock or can be cast to order. Maow, Golem, and Eden stock is all current and accurate.

I am also less than 4 weeks away from getting married, after which we will be honeymooning in Japan for 3 weeks. I will have to shut the store down a week before the wedding and will reopen with updated stock once we return. The site should still be available to browse, but no new orders will be accepted.

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Master Crafted Miniatures is moving!


This time should be fairly permanent as, thanks to my fantastic clients (GCT Studios, Mantic Games, Palladium Books and Mad Robot Miniatures, amongst others), and my awesome MCM customers, I have been able to buy a house with my fiancée.

This time, the move is from Cosham, near Portsmouth, to Fareham, a little along the coast. With the new house comes a new office and a new workshop. The former is fairly easy to set up (though I have all sorts of ideas about an adjustable-height or fixed standing desk), the workshop will take a little more effort. Combined with the UK’s unbelievably slow-to-connect internet providers, this means there will be some disruption to my ability to receive and fulfil orders, as well as cast backorders. Feel free to order as normal, but expect delays. Rather than shut the store down over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to introduce a site-wide notice to this effect.

Once the new workshop is up and running, around the 12th of July, I’ll be aiming to come back with a bit of a bang. I’ve got some great new releases lined up and will make a sale coupon available for the first week.

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Website Downtime

Last night my host was the target of a large denial of service attack. As a result, some of you may have been unable to access the website. The attack appears to be over and no long-term damage has been caused.

Aside from that, I should have some interesting news fairly soon. Stay tuned.

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More Website Changes

I’ve made another set of changes to the website. Most of them are cosmetic but most notable are a new pop-up cart to the right of the screen, and a product category menu along the top, just under the main menu. Hopefully both these features should help you navigate the site more easily and generally enhance your experience.
Any problems, please let me know and I’ll get right to it!
I hope you’re all enjoying the run-up to Christmas and the New Year!