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Moving Hosts

I need to move hosts for the website. This gives me the chance to make some updates and improvements but means the site will go down for a short period. I’ll be making announcements about progress on Facebook and Twitter.

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Reviews and bandwidth issues!

Spud Tate recently reviewed a selection of some Master Crafted components in a video which you can find here.
Make sure to check out his review of J3FF by FilbotΒ and his hangout with the talented Fil Dunn of Filbot.

It is great to get some exposure and some exciting things may be coming out of it. Nope. Not telling what exactly. Β The downside is that, thanks to so many of you awesome hobbyists checking the site out, we have twice exceeded our bandwidth! Hopefully this won’t happen again but, if it does, please be patient. We’re assessing the requirements with the increased traffic and it is a great indication that MCM is growing!

Thanks to everyone who has visited and, of course, those who have made purchases as a result!

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Finally Up & Running!

Like the title says, I’m pretty much ready to go here now. I’m sure bugs will pop up anyway, and I don’t have as many products as I wanted to launch with, but I didn’t want to wait any longer!

Please bear with me whilst I battle to keep items in stock πŸ™‚

The main reason behind my own product range not growing as I would have liked is the increase in freelance and commission work that I have been doing.
I had not expected to be quite as in demand as I have been, and it is a wonderful feeling, but work on my own range will have to fit in between freelance work for the time being.

I am currently working on the first of three figures sharing the same theme and will show the finished sculpt very soon. I will give a hint though; the theme is technological mutation πŸ™‚

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Ready for order testing!

The site is now ready for orders!
Of course, I am not so foolish to think that everything will work perfectly straight away. Also, I don’t have enough stock to go public yet πŸ˜‰
So what I am doing is opening the site to a select few, with free postage and a 20% discount.
I will allow items to be pre-ordered and will get them to customers as soon as possible, but I ask that everyone bear with me during this ‘teething’ stage!
Any feedback about the website is appreciated πŸ™‚

OK, here goes…