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New Releases for Eden!

Available now for pre-order – the two limited resin releases for Eden this December!
I’ve also made the new releases from September & October available.

Happy Games Factory’s Eden is a great skirmish game played on a 2’x2′ board with around 3-6 models per player. Up to 4 players but Klaus can take it up to 5!

I’ll put he order in on the 5th, so make sure you get pre-orders in by the 4th or you may miss out! Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery, as I have to wait to receive the stock.

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The Apocalypse is here!

…or at least visiting from France. I’ve just started stocking Happy Games Factory’s unique and characterful apocalyptic Eden skirmish rules and miniatures!

When I started Master Crafted Miniatures, I didn’t intend to become a stockist of any miniatures other than my own. There are a few¬†reasons for this – the tedium of stock control and error-correction¬†being the greatest. Nonetheless, that has changed over time.

I am fascinated by the varied rules mechanics in all different games. Nowhere are these rules more unusual and fascinating than in the indie sector of this¬†ever-growing industry. Eden itself is¬†a wonderful example of this – a great game with some really unique mechanics. You need very few miniatures to play – the starter sets are, in fact, entirely playable forces in their own right – and only a 2’x2′ space (much like my favourite game of recent years, Bushido).¬†I have played Eden, with my ISC, occasionally over the last 4 years, and recently noticed that there are no current UK stockists of the game.¬†I like to support manufacturers and games which don’t often see the spotlight in the UK. MCM gives me a way to do this beyond simply buying their products. So, over the years, I have become a stockist of three French companies’ products – first Maow, then Golem, and now HGF.

I can’t commit to stocking all items in their catalogue (around 350 lines!), but I am willing to take requests! Those requests will be added to the next order I place with them, once the value of that order reaches the required amount. Items I do stock may be back-ordered and will be treated in a similar fashion. Just¬†contact me if you need to know more before placing an order.

In other news, I am way behind updating the stock figures for MCM components. Please keep ordering as many items are in stock or can be cast to order. Maow, Golem, and Eden stock is all current and accurate.

I am also less than 4 weeks away from getting married, after which we will be honeymooning in Japan for 3 weeks. I will have to shut the store down a week before the wedding and will reopen with updated stock once we return. The site should still be available to browse, but no new orders will be accepted.