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Ancillary Products & Bushido Player Aids

I’m finally adding a bunch of ancillary hobby products to the store, as well as some Bushido-related projects. There will be many more products to come which are designed for Bushido, such as faction measuring widgets and steppers, but finalising designs and adding them, to the store takes time! So here’s part one of the release. Hopefully the majority of other products will be available before Christmas.

I’ve added several Gamegenic products: from basic and affordable workhorses, to hard-shell shoulder bags, zip-up folders, and magnetic convertible boxes with interchangeable coloured parts.

Bushido cards are a little smaller than those in your typical collectible card game. This can mean baggy sleeves. I dislike baggy sleeves, and so should you! Inner sleeves can be a good solution.
I’ve used Ultra-Pro’s Pro-Fit inner sleeves for Bushido since Risen Sun came out in 2019. The downside of inner sleeves is that they tend to be thinner in order to fit inside a regular sleeve. These inner sleeves from Gamegenic are double the usual thickness and great for Bushido.

Many of the terrain items I have been working on for Bushido have been designed, or scaled from 3DAW designs, to fit on an area described by card sizes. That is, a fairly large element may occupy an area equivalent to two cards on the board, many will occupy that of a single card, and some will occupy some proportion of a card. This aim behind this is to keep the size of all these elements easily understood and follow the example set within the ruleset, and seen with products such as the Ice Patch and Tilled Field, where many in-game effects which create terrain do so by placing a card.
The first of these is the Ideal Terrain element. Card-sized is my largest recommended area for this type, and I plan to add at least one smaller variation.

Finally, and after many iterations, the folding objective ruler!
Personally, I find measuring to the centre of a scenario objective to be pretty irritating, so I’ve made this handy folding ruler to make setting up for objective scenario games as easy as possible. They double as movement rulers, and can be used to deploy either 30mm or 50mm scenario objectives by following the engraved instructions.

More to follow in a few weeks, I hope!


I’m now stocking some excellent Ultimate Modelling Products… products. UMP have sourced some of the best acrylic polyurethane primer out there from Badger in the US and, in support of the growing range of MCM decals, I’ve also started stocking their decal solutions. Similar to Micro-Sol and Micro-Set, UMP have 3 strengths to choose from, depending on the difficulty of the surface and thickness of decal.

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