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January Releases

New year, new releases! I’ll admit to somewhat stretching the phrase, but I have added a few new items to the store.

Most products now have stock management. This means you can see how many I have in stock before you order. You can still order more than I have in stock, but be aware that I will have to cast the extra quantity to fulfil your order. I usually only have one mould per item, so large orders can take a while. Especially if I have a big contract on and am in the middle of crunch time!

You’ll notice that the spiked veteran pads stock is low. I haven’t had chance to build up a stock but thought I would release them anyway. Bear it in mind when you order!

I have a February release lined up too, mostly items I couldn’t get ready in time for this month, but don’t go thinking that means I’m planning monthly releases!

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