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More Website Changes

I’ve made another set of changes to the website. Most of them are cosmetic but most notable are a new pop-up cart to the right of the screen, and a product category menu along the top, just under the main menu. Hopefully both these features should help you navigate the site more easily and generally enhance your experience.
Any problems, please let me know and I’ll get right to it!
I hope you’re all enjoying the run-up to Christmas and the New Year!

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New things coming…

No products were found matching your selection.

A bit of a teaser update here, but first:
Plain shoulderpads have been added to match the size of the studded shoulderpads from the last update.

So… The Star God has been out of stock for some time now. This was originally to allow time for new moulds to be made but I have never been entirely happy with him as a product. Though I have been providing a base with the miniature, there is no way of mounting him on it. Hobbyists must pin him to a base. This isn’t ideal, so I have taken the opportunity to redesign this aspect of the miniature. The solution I have chosen is to include a scenic base with the kit. At the same time, I have had the miniature re-printed in a higher quality than before. This means smoother surfaces and sharper details! There will be a small price increase (most likely £3) to reflect the additional work but I think the improvements are well worth it!

He will be available very soon. I’ll be sending a cast to Spud Tate for review prior to making him available. For now, here’s a sneak peek:
The Star God v2

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Moving Hosts

I need to move hosts for the website. This gives me the chance to make some updates and improvements but means the site will go down for a short period. I’ll be making announcements about progress on Facebook and Twitter.

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We are experiencing wonderful hot weather here in the UK right now. Normally this would be cause for celebration but I am only one man doing resin casting in his shed! Resin sets due to an exothermic reaction and any high ambient temperatures increase the speed at which this reaction occurs. As such, I am having great difficulty casting to a standard where I am happy to ship the resulting products.

If I were equipped with air conditioning, or operating in a concrete box, this would merely be an inconvenience. As it is, I am at the mercy of the elements.

I have been fighting with the weather and now I am falling behind fulfilling orders. Please bear this in mind when making an order. If you have already ordered, I am very sorry for the delay.

Normal service should resume as soon as the normal UK weather does! I hope you can understand and bear with me!