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Moving Hosts

I need to move hosts for the website. This gives me the chance to make some updates and improvements but means the site will go down for a short period. I’ll be making announcements about progress on Facebook and Twitter.

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We are experiencing wonderful hot weather here in the UK right now. Normally this would be cause for celebration but I am only one man doing resin casting in his shed! Resin sets due to an exothermic reaction and any high ambient temperatures increase the speed at which this reaction occurs. As such, I am having great difficulty casting to a standard where I am happy to ship the resulting products.

If I were equipped with air conditioning, or operating in a concrete box, this would merely be an inconvenience. As it is, I am at the mercy of the elements.

I have been fighting with the weather and now I am falling behind fulfilling orders. Please bear this in mind when making an order. If you have already ordered, I am very sorry for the delay.

Normal service should resume as soon as the normal UK weather does! I hope you can understand and bear with me!

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Reviews and bandwidth issues!

Spud Tate recently reviewed a selection of some Master Crafted components in a video which you can find here.
Make sure to check out his review of J3FF by Filbot and his hangout with the talented Fil Dunn of Filbot.

It is great to get some exposure and some exciting things may be coming out of it. Nope. Not telling what exactly.  The downside is that, thanks to so many of you awesome hobbyists checking the site out, we have twice exceeded our bandwidth! Hopefully this won’t happen again but, if it does, please be patient. We’re assessing the requirements with the increased traffic and it is a great indication that MCM is growing!

Thanks to everyone who has visited and, of course, those who have made purchases as a result!

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Still alive!

It has been a while since the last post and I thought it was high time I updated to say what has been going on!

Master Crafted Miniatures consists solely of me. When I started up, I imagined I would start to build my own range of models and components for display and customisation of other models on the market. I expected to be doing a great deal of resin casting and sculpting some of the huge amount of cool stuff I have bouncing around in my head. In addition to this, I would do the odd bit of freelance sculpting and private commissions.

Only a few days after I signed the lease on my resin casting workshop premises, I was offered a great deal of freelance work by a single client. It was an opportunity I felt I would have been a fool to pass up. It is for this reason that my own range has failed to expand in any real way. I’m OK with this as it allows me to expand slowly, using this website to sell the things I will occasionally produce.

Details of the project will be made public in a few months as everything needs to be kept under wraps for now.